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Programme of Education & Labour Market

The Province of Gelderland strives to bridge the gap between supply and demand for talent in the labour market. An integral approach to learning and working is key to create a resilient workforce that easily adapts to societal and economic change. Without skilled talent, we will not be able to tackle the great challenges of our time. We are working at this together with national, regional and local partners varying from educational institutes and sectoral initiatives to unions and business communities.

Our efforts are aimed at increasing the availability of talent for the labour market, increasing the adaptive capabilities of employers, employees and educational institutes, and creating a more inclusive labour market in which every talent can blossom. The province of Gelderland stimulates and facilitates research, (experimental) advancements and cooperation between education and labour market partners to help bring about desired and necessary changes.

Gelderland and international talent

The province of Gelderland values the international talent it attracts through its universities and innovative ecosystems like food valley and health valley. International talent connects us to worldwide knowledge communities, and is a crucial element in combating the increasing shortage of e.g. technical talent and IT specialists that could potentially limit our innovative capabilities. At present, Gelderland and its regional partners work on a plan to better attract and retain international talent for the region, by making sure conditions are right for them to come and stay.

Gelderland shares a border with the German region North Rhine-Westphalia. Many people live in one region and work or study in the other. The Dutch border provinces of Gelderland, Limburg, Overijssel, Drenthe and Groningen, the non-border province of North Brabant, and the German regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony work together to facilitate this cross-border ecosystem. A joint agenda concerts efforts for transnational validation of skills and diplomas (amongst other things). Cooperation in the European INTERREG programme has funded border language and culture courses, school exchange projects and information points making it easier to navigate life, study and work across the border.

Contact us!

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